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Need for Bio Toilets
    1/7th of the world population do not have access to Toilets.
      60% of them live in India.
      53% Indian Households defecate in the open (Source: World Bank)
    Poor sanitation impacts human health
There has been an increased focus of Governments & Corporates on rural sanitation (announced in recent media)

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About Bio Toilets

Caparo has developed bio-digesters which are modelled on the design of DRDO. They address the problem of open defecation, human scavenging and human waste disposal in an environmentally friendly manner. The unique anaerobic process uses specially developed bacteria which acts on the excreta and converts it into potable water and methane. While the water can be drained or used as a non-hazardous effluent, methane can be used as a fuel. It is already being used by the Indian Railways and has extensive usages in villages, schools, institutions, public lavatory, defense, prisons, pilgrim routes, mines, and remote areas, public areas such as beaches and even in houses.
Other applications of Bio-Toilets:
Railways Mines
Villages Public Areas: Trade Fairs
Bio-Toilets movable for slum areas Religious Gatherings
Defence Sector Sea Ports / Airports
Ships Power Industries
Rural Areas Suitable for Mobile Toilet Applications
Industrial Sectors Government Dept.
Residential Houses  
  • Doesn't require any connection to sewage treatment plant
  • Hygienic and non-polluting
  • Eliminates manual scavenging which is banned completely in India
  • Low maintenance/ relatively low cost
  • Odorless
  • Less water requirement
  • Suitable for all terrains
  • Useful by-product in the form of bio gas (methane) & water
Normal Toilets v/s Bio Toilets (A comparative evaluation)
Particulars Sceptic Tank Bio Toilets
Installation High Relatively less
cost Maintenance required No
Maintenance Unhygienic Maintenance
Hygiene Spreads diseases Hygienic
Diseases May be polluting All pathogens killed
Pollution Suitable for most terrain Non polluting
Suitability No useful by product Suitable for all terrain
(mobile as well)
By-products generated   Bio gas & potable water
Services offered by Caparo
In its commitment to work for a better environment, Caparo is providing end-to-end solution in the design, manufacturing, installation of Bio-Toilets. Through its dedicated team it offers the following services on a turn-key basis:
  • Supply & Installation of Tank, Shelter & Bacteria to the end user
  • Supply & Installation of full Mobile Toilet system having Bio-Digester Tank & Bacteria
  • Services offered for supply & maintenance as per requirements of different customers