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Manufacturing Facilities

Manufacturing facilities being set up at the plant are:

Closed Die Hot Forging Presses
5 Closed Die Hot Forging Press Lines ranging from 1600 Tons to 6300 Tons will be installed. These forging press lines are capable of producing press forgings weighing from 0.5 kg to 50.0 kgs. The annual installed capacity will be 27,000 Tons per annum.

These press lines have a unique concept of Single Piece Flow Production system, whereby the billet shearing will happen only if the product is required at the end of the cycle. This will ensure that highest productivity levels can be attained. Further there are no chances of the mix-up of cut metal.
Gas Fired Heating Furnaces
  The facility will be equipped with 5 independent Gas Fired Heat Treatment Furnaces.

These furnaces will be capable of doing Hardening, Quenching, Tempering, Iso-thermal Annealing and Controlled Cooling (for micro alloys). 

All furnaces will be equipped with SCADA systems to ensure high repeatability and consistency in the forgings produced.
Metallurgical Lab
An independent metallurgical lab for testing the quality of incoming material and ensuring that the forged output is of the desired quality.

The lab will be equipped with Image Analyzer, Optical Emission Spectrometer, Die-Hardness Tester, UTM etc.
Other Facilities
bullet Design & Manufacture
Caparo has various CAD/CAM packages like Unigraphics, Delcam, Transvalor etc.

These packages will facilitate a reduction in manufacturing lead times, optimisation of the forging methods and eventually result in better material utilization.

Will also help in improving utilization of forging equipment and result in reduction of engineering and financial risk.
bullet 3D Simulation
  The available 3D simulation facility will help in developing the parts offline and hence optimise the forging process.
bullet Operating Systems

Caparo Operating Systems focus on achieving waste elimination.

The QDC - Quick Die Change systems for reducing set-up change over time and improve productivity.

ATS i.e. Automatic Transfer Systems including pick-n-place robots for handling of hot & heavy jobs. The 4000T and 6300T forging press lines are equipped with these systems.

AC-Servo Controlled nozzles for controlling quantity and timing of lubricant spray

bullet Tool Room
  Tool Room for producing the tooling in-house.

Equipped with advanced machining facilities like High Speed Vertical Machining Centers, Hard Turning Centers, Wire-cut EDM’s etc.

Will ensure a complete control on the quality of the forgings produced.
bullet Certifications
  • ISO 9001
  • AS 9100